Depending on its severity, a burn injury can be a very serious condition. Those who suffer from a serious burn injury due to any catastrophic accident are likely to face grave consequences as they navigate through treatment and recovery. As such, it’s extremely important that these types of injuries are immediately treated by medical professionals. In case of an emergency, taking first aid measures to address the injury can make a huge difference for victims while waiting for first responders to arrive.

While first degree burns are superficial and affects only the top layer of the skin, it can still cause a lot of pain and swelling that could easily become uncomfortable. To remedy this type of burn, run the injured area under cool water or use a cold compress for 3 to 5 minutes. Make sure not to use or water that’s too cold, because the stark contrast in temperature might cause more damage to the skin. Next, apply an ample amount of aloe cream or burn ointment to the injured area. It can also help to cover it with a clean bandage or gauze pad.

The more serious second and third degree burns require careful attention during first aid scenarios. Second degree burns can be extremely painful; causing blisters to appear that might break open and make the injury to look raw and wet. Meanwhile, third degree burns are considered the most severe, causing the injured area to look white, brown, charred, leathery, dry, or waxy. Oftentimes, such injuries also cause nerve damage and will lead to the victim feeling numb or little to no pain. For both occasions, discomfort can be eased by removing the clothes and jewelry surrounding the area of the burn, running cool water to the site for about 3-5 minutes, and then keeping the injury sterilized with a clean bandage or piece of cloth.

Based on the 2013 fact sheet released by the American Burn Association, about 60 percent of medical hospitalization cases are related to some type of burn injury. Most of these injuries are caused by accidents that happen at home, in the workplace, and on the road during a vehicular crash. The personal injury lawyers at Sampson Law Firm also point that plenty of such accidents causing burn injuries happen due to reckless or negligent actions by another party. In this scenario, victims can seek out compensation that can help them pay for medical and treatment costs. Click here to learn more about what you can do if you’ve been burned in such a situation.

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