Dogs are beloved pets in millions of households all over America. They are considered “man’s best friend,” well-loved for their playful and friendly dispositions. However, some dogs end up attacking when they feel provoked or threatened. Unfortunately, such instances usually end with serious injuries.

The non-profit organization Dogs Bite estimates that about 1,000 people become victims of dog bites and will require medical attention ever year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the usual victims in these scenarios are children.

It’s not surprising that children are the typical victims of dog attacks. Children are curious about the world around them, and cute pets will often encourage this curiosity. Sometimes, a child’s attempt to play could be misconstrued by the dog as a threat. Keeping children supervised during such interactions is one of the most effective ways that dog bites can be prevented.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, parents, guardians, and dog-owners can take the following suggestions to keep children safe from dog bite injuries:

  • Never allow a child to approach a dog that is in the middle of eating, sleeping, or nursing her puppies. Similarly, prevent children from approaching a dog that’s already provoked or scared.
  • Prevent children from petting or approaching a dog that is off its leash, behind a fence, or inside a car. If they want to pet another person’s dog, tell them to ask the owner first.
  • Teach children about a dog’s body language. When a dog is scared, it will flatten its ears, hunch its back, and tuck its tail between the hind legs. When threatened, a dog will pull its ears back, wrinkle its muzzle, show its teeth, and growl.

Parents can keep their children safe from dog bites through proper supervision and education. However, such efforts won’t be enough to significantly reduce the number of reported dog bite injuries all over the country. As emphasized by the website of Houston personal injury attorneys, negligent pet owners can put the people around them at risk. Dog owners should be responsible for keeping their pets trained and well-behaved.

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