Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal program aimed at providing financial assistance to qualified adults who are unable to work because of long-term (more than 12 months) disability. To be eligible for these benefits and apply online, the applicant:

  • Is 18 years old up
  • Has not been receiving SSDI benefits
  • Has not been denied SSDI in the previous two months

The Social Security Administration (SSA) recommends that the applicant have the following information on hand to complete the online application:

  • Personal Information i.e. marriage/divorce details
  • Medical records and contact information of hospitals, doctors and other treatment facilities
  • Employment history and information, including a Social Security Statement and information on filed or received workers’ compensation or similar benefits, if any

There is also an online application for qualified children, but it requires a completed application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) as well, which cannot be done online.

Online applications are undoubtedly much more convenient than filling up a physical form to the nearest state or field office of the SSA. However, there is no guarantee that an online application will be approved any more than an onsite one. Illinois has an approval rate of 30% for initial applications, and filing an appeal for denied claims is a long, complicated, and tedious process.

Applicants should make every effort to make a successful application on the first try, and this can be accomplished with the help of a Social Security disability lawyer. They know how the system works and what documentation is crucial to get approval. This will save a lot of time and effort in the long run which makes it worth the additional expense. In addition, Social Security disability lawyers can advise an applicant on how to maximize their benefits under the law, so the applicant may be better off overall. In the event that the application is denied, the lawyer will be able to guide you through the appeals process as well.

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