When you think about natural disasters that can damage your home and can pose a threat to the lives of your family, one of the first ones that come into your mind is floods. There is good reason for that. Floods are some of the most devastating natural disasters you can experience, and the worst part about them is that they can be unpredictable.

Below are just some of the damages a flood can do to your home.

Structural damage

Floods, particularly those that move at a rapid pace, may have enough force to seriously damage the structural aspect of your home, putting it or its parts at risk of collapsing. This is particularly true when it comes to walls, especially those in the exterior, because they may have received sufficient force from flood waters.

But moving water is not just the culprit to structural damage, because even stagnant flood water can be a problem, particularly on floorboards, wallboards, and parts of the house that are made of wood.

Some structural damages can be obvious, but some may require the help of qualified professionals. It is important to get their help, just to be safe.

Electrical system damage

Electricity is one of the most underrated hazards when it comes to floods, because people tend to overlook it. The most dangerous aspect is conduction, or how electricity can travel through water. So, if you are not sure if you have properly turned off your electricity and other utilities, don’t go back into your house, especially if it is still wet.

Flood, whether moving or stagnant, can damage wiring systems, circuit breakers, fuses, light switches, and outlets, and these will likely need replacements.

Appliance, furniture, and personal damage

Aside from the structural and electrical systems of your house, the things that are actually inside the house are also at risk of damage. These may include appliances, such as television sets, refrigerators, and computers, furniture, such as sofa sets and dining tables, and personal belongings, such as photo albums and clothes.

Many appliances can be restored as long as they are properly cleaned and thoroughly dried before trying to turn them on again. Many furniture, however, are likely to be destroyed, especially those that are predominantly made of wood or textile.

Damage assessment

According to the website of the Texas insurance claims adjusters at K2 Consulting & Services, LLC, insurance companies may send their own adjusters to determine the extent of damages in your property.

But insurance is a business, so it is not far out to believe that these adjusters will not be as extensive as you would have liked. So, having an idea on what areas of your house are typically damaged is important, so you can gauge whether the damage assessment is at least fair.

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