A big part of a car accident claim is evidence. Aside from the medical records and police reports, a process of collecting evidence called discovery is utilized, where both parties involved use a variety of particular legal procedures in order to get useful information relevant to the case. Many opposing attorneys, as told by the Hankey Law Office, use the discovery method of “interrogatories” where they will write a letter to the other drivers, pedestrians, the driver’s employers, and many others, will have to answer under oat on a given period of time.

Interrogatories are a very common procedure in lawsuits. It is made to consciously acquire relevant information that would lead to a successful claim. You and your lawyers should draft the interrogatory letter immediately after you have filed your lawsuit and after collecting the defendant’s response. Your interrogatories should include important questions that you would like to ask from the defendant, although the law will give the defendant the right not to answer all some questions and their attorneys can object to some questions that they may consider irrelevant or advantageous and would only answer them if the court instructs them to.

Likewise, interrogatories will also be sent to you by the defendant as covered by the discovery process. You and your lawyer will be answering the question that you deem are significant and consistent to your claim. These questions are often used to imply that you were at-fault (or at least have a part in the cause of the accident) or that the injuries you claim are not as severe are you alleged them to be. Although many questions may appear unrelated or unreasonable, providing an answer or an objection within the time state-allowed time period is necessary because failing to do so may lead to court sanctions and could greatly impact the case.

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